Finally: it’s THE TIME of the year and I am continuing my Christmas decoration without a Christmas tree. I have been doing this for years now, from my point of view there is so much you can do to make your home festive, without having to buy a tree… This year one of my all time favorite companies – House Doctor – asked me get into the Christmas mood and style with their products. In the past weeks I renovated my studio and with a new found acrylic table & my new black background I had such a great time getting into a festive mood:Christmas decoration House Doctor Christmas decoration House DoctorChristmas decoration House DoctorChristmas decoration House DoctorChristmas decoration House Doctor I went to get all kinds of branches, sticks & moss from the garden and the woods. I love to use the things I usually have for my daily decoration and put them in another, festive context. Here the flower pots work as a candle holder and the wire christmas bulbs go on a naked stick. Don’t you just love how the industrial metal flower pot transforms into an elegant container for an olive christmas tree? I hope you are inspired by my decoration for this Christmas. If you are wondering how my Christmas stylings looked in the past, you can find it here, here, here, here and here.


Do you know the Urban Jungle Bloggers?

It’s about time I post a declaration of love here, because these two beautiful people, Igor and Judith, got me buying and saving not only flowers but also plants. Every month the UJB have a special topic on plants and ask bloggers to participate in this challenge. After a summer break their topic for September is: ‘Back to school! Plants on the workplace’.

Living in the States a few years ago I was surrounded by this theme in September: ‘Back to school’, and this is how I interpret their topic: After a quite summer I am BACK TO WORK – my home office has become more and more important in the past months and I love to surround myself with beautiful things. Plants and flowers are an inherent part of my home office and here are two of the bad boys I always have around:
Urban Jungle Bloggers Home Office StilzitatUrban Jungle Bloggers Home Office Stilzitat
Would you like to join in their challenge and show us your plants?
XO, A.


It’s September and it’s time for my personal wreath challenge again.
This year the summer in Germany was really cold and whenever on the internet, I was drawn to summery images… Yesterday you could take a glimpse on my personal favorites I found on the internet. I like those images not only for their summerly look, they also remind me of my trip to Italy last August. So with the bad weather outside I wanted to bring a fresh and colorful feeling to our home and created my own lemon wreath.Lemon wreath via Stilzitat blogNot knowing, how great the wreath would look next to my prickly pears in the kitchen, also Zinnias and withered nigellas compliment the late summer look and I am more than happy with the result of this colorful looking wreath.Lemon wreath via Stilzitat blogLemon wreath via Stilzitat blog Here and here you can look up the other wreaths I have made. hope to have brought a little more summer sunshine to you, have a great weekend!
XO, A.


You guys,

it’s a new month and it’s time for my personal monthly challenge. Even my friend from Chile was like: it’s a new month, how about a new wreath?

I will show you my wreath tomorrow, but looking at my inspirational images, you sure will recognize, what the main theme will be all about! Lemons!Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-17 um 10.03.43
Lemon wreath by Luisa Brimblelemon wreathLemon wreath by rioslipczukLemon wreath by DeLaFleurLemon wreath by DeLaFleur
These images shown above are not mine, the sources are listed under the images. I hope you like them, as much as I do!
XO, A.


My computer broke down, just on time for my birthday, luckily it was ‘just’ the battery charger and the problem was solved fast, as soon, as stores opened on monday. After I did some data saving, I can finally show you the centerpiece I prepared for my birthday.
For the longest I wanted to make a centerpiece out of ivy, I think it looks gorgeous, so natural & unpretentious.
Ivy and Babybreath centerpiece via Stilzitat blogTo get the look I wanted, I just added white antique linen, old silver, some very old lace for the napkins, baby breath, crystal glasses and marble candle holders.
I think this is all the explanation needed, for now I will leave you with the rest of the photos… Enjoy! Ivy and Babybreath centerpiece via Stilzitat blogIvy and Babybreath centerpiece via Stilzitat blogIvy and Babybreath centerpiece via Stilzitat blogIvy and Babybreath centerpiece via Stilzitat blogIvy and Babybreath centerpiece via Stilzitat blogIvy and Babybreath centerpiece via Stilzitat blogThis last picture shows you, how the table looked, when the guests arrived: romantic – with the candles lit.
Oh, and just a funny note on the site: if your kitchen is not so close to the dining table, only think about this decoration if you have pleeeenty of time. With all this ivy on the table, it was not possible to put the food in the center, so I had to run to the kitchen quite some time…


Gladioli and dahlias flower arrangement via Stilzitat blogI would love to share one of my first gladioli arrangements of this summer with you, I made it almost two months ago. I noticed, that I have been decorating with gladioli a lot lately. They are so glamorous and can add a dramatic touch to a flower arrangement. Gladioli and dahlias flower arrangement via Stilzitat blogGladioli and dahlias flower arrangement via Stilzitat blogThis time I added dahlias, black berries, sweet peas and some roses.Gladioli and dahlias flower arrangement via Stilzitat blog Summer is coming to an end here, it’s getting very cold but I still can’t get enough of those beautiful summer flowers, can you?


If you missed my last post about a fresh summery wreath, you missed a promise I made to myself: one wreath a month. Blog challenges really get me going and I started my very own challenge. I have always been drawn to wreaths – they have the most perfect shape and you can make a wreath of almost anything and also put it anywhere you want.Summer flowers wreath via Stilzitat blogThis new wreath is made of summer flowers, like sweet peas and pink Queen Anne’s Lace. The details show you other hairy little flowers that I don’t know the name of… Anybody? Summer flowers wreath via Stilzitat blogSummer flowers wreath via Stilzitat blogI used this wreath as a center piece for our dining table, I still can’t get enough of these pink shades… Can you ever get enough of summer flowers?Summer flowers wreath via Stilzitat blog


I love the new white floor in my new studio and have been dreaming of a black tutu table dress ever since I saw an image of Anna Spiro’s black table skirt. I work with so many colors and objects everyday that I wanted to have only one statement piece in my studio, the rest of the room is quite bright. Stilzitat home office black table skirtI just added a few color sprinkles here and there, like these cacti or some vintage bugs and butterflies.Cacti detail from Stilzitat studio via Stilzitat blogParis and butterflies details via Stilzitat blog If you like what you see and would love to know, how I managed to finally make myself a table skirt, here is the instruction for the DIY: I used black yarn, a needle, scissors and black tulle. I got a little over 20 meters of black tulle and put 2 layers over the table:

Table tulle skirt DIY via Stilzitat blog After I covered the whole table with two layers of tulle, I started cutting smaller pieces of tulle, these I sew to the sides and the front of the table. By riffling the tulle I added a little more volume to the layers. Even though I had lots of tulle, it was still see through, after I was finished, so I had to add black fabric under the tulle skirt and voilà – I was ready to dress my new studio with a brand new table skirt! What do you do to dress up your home office or studio?Table tulle skirt DIY via Stilzitat blog


Today I would love to share a few images from my new kitchen.Kitchen leather handles DIY via Stilzitat blog We have a pretty small kitchen and I don’t like it, when small rooms look too crowded. This is the reason why I decided to go for a clean, fresh look and kept most of the kitchen white. Wood, white & silver metals and cognac colored accessoires are the only color drops so far. And of course fresh herbs.Open kitchen self via Stilzitat blog with vintage tinsI like open shelving and use my shelves to display these beautiful vintage pharmacy tins and cans. I love that they are different size, so I can use them as storage for pasta, herbs, tee or coffee or various kitchen utensils.Leather handles DIY via Stilzitat blogIf you are interested in the kitchen leather handles, these are the materials I used:
-1 leather belt
-a ruler
-a cutter
-screw nuts
-utensils to fix the screws
I cut the belt into identical pieces and drilled holes into the kitchen doors and also into the handles. I adjusted the leather to the kitchen fronts, making sure its straight using a water-level {this picture above pictures me working on the DIY handles}.
I really, really love the look of old, used cognac leather and this is also the reason, why I don’t worry about stains and the weathered look the handles will get after a while. I think, it will match the vintage accessoires.
What accessoires do you use to spice up your kitchen?


I have to confess: I am a very bad driver, as soon, as summer arrives! I can’t concentrate on the street if flowers are along the way {or cute pugs, but that’s another story…}. I live in a very green suburb and I am head over heels for flowery meadows. I can’t get enough of all the colorful flowers that show up everywhere! I ALWAYS have a cutter and gloves in my car, just in case an unexpected beauty comes my way! Now look, what I found along the road yesterday:SUMMER BOUQUET via Stilzitat blogI found these natural beauties right after my weekly trip to the farmer’s market. It is my favorite weekly routine to go to the market and buy fresh flowers {I will show you some dahlias later on} but these huge flowers, that I spotted on my way home just knocked my socks off! Isn’t this the most beautiful joy of summer? Fresh and easy flower arrangements? To me it is pure bliss! Right now I can’t think of a better way to display the wild flowers: this large, unpretentious flower tin pot. I have a thing for large tin pots, as my balcony is full of them. If you don’t have a large tin pot, just take a large vase, but make sure, that the stems have enough space to get all the water they need. Summer flowersSummer flowersSummer flowers via Stilzitat blogHere I have to speak from experience: fresh cut field flowers can be very difficult to handle! If you found the most amazing beauties along your way, make sure you only cut them, if there will be a possibility to put them into water real quick! They are very delicate and need a large sip of water pretty quick after they were cut.
As beautiful as summer is, you might be aware of the fact, that your flowers don’t last that long, as soon, as they are in your home… To me it has always been a HUGE conflict: how is it possible, that summer gives you the greatest variety of flowers and it seems impossible to preserve this beauty at home? Well, I love to have fresh flowers in my home, so these are the things I do to keep my flowers fresh:
-remove all the unnecessary leaves and stems
to me this seems to be the most important tip! {I do it every single time, no matter what flowers and what time of the year}!
-find a cool space in your apartment
{if you are having a summery celebration and have to get the flowers ahead of the party, make sure to store the flowers in a dark and cold place!}. Your flowers might look cute on a sunny windowsill, but this is a good way to kill them in 3 days…
-change water daily
most of the summer flowers are thirsty little fellas and I found it helpful to change the water every day.
-add sugar to water sugar helps provide the flowers with all the nutrients, it can be mixed with vinegar, vodka and bleach
-vinegar, vodka and bleach yes, that’s right, they all help to minimize the growth of bacteria in the water. You can use 1-2 tablespoons of the vinegar for a vase, but only a few drops of the bleach or the vodka.
-copper penny sometimes I add a copper penny to the water, do you do this too? Or do you have further tips and tricks to keep your flowers fresh? I would love to hear your advice – I bet there is so much more you can do to keep flowers fresh!


My blog posts have been very rare these past months. Redecorating a whole apartment is hard, hard work. Especially, if you have to do it by yourself and next to the normal work schedule. But I would have never expected it to be this energy- and time-consuming! The apartment we live in has been finished for a while now, but there were other things that needed to be done {like redecorating and moving my whole studio}. You know, I love me some artsy work on a daily basis ;-) but more than this, I am a perfectionist, who needs a tidy and uncluttered environment to work in. Not having a studio was daunting and I missed working creatively on a daily basis. Instead of posting half-hearted posts, I decided to get all the work done, and start fresh!

I am back to blogging with a new blogging challenge I created as a promise to myself: WREATHS on a monthly basis! In the beginning of every month I will be posting a new wreath. Blogging challenges really get me going! If I have a deadline, my creative instincts seem to go through a reincarnation and this is exactly, what I need after such a long pause of blogging!
Looking at great flower/plant/nature photography, I always find myself being attracted to wreaths. I can never get enough of wreaths, to me a round shaped arrangement is the epitome of perfection. So, instead of admiring the work of others, why not start a very own challenge? Here we go with the very first wreath, it is a fresh, summerly arrangement.
summerwreathWith almost all the work done around my house, I found the time to go out in the fields and collect some beautiful flowers. The beauties you see on this picture have all been collected in the fields, no flowershopping needed! Do the same thing: go out in the nature, and get your own flowers for a beautiful wreath!
summer flowers via Stilzitat blogSummer wreath DIY via Stilzitat blog These last pictures show you how easy it is to make a wreath. Make sure you collect flowers with long stems if you have no additives but wire… Connect stem by stem, until they are long enough to be combined to form a wreath. Et voilà!


I have won a ticket for the blogger conference The Hive on Jillian’s blog ‘Jillian in Italy’. Thank you, Jillian! Finally I am in Copenhagen and would love to show you some first impressions of the city – enjoy!Copenhagen via Stilzitat blogCopenhagen via Stilzitat blogCopenhagen via Stilzitat blogCopenhagen via Stilzitat blogCopenhagen via Stilzitat blogCopenhagen via Stilzitat blogCopenhagen via Stilzitat blog