White Dahlias via Stilzitat blogPale Iris Flower via Passion and Obsession blogSweetpeas via Stilzitat blColorful dahlias via Stilzitat blog Dahlias via Stilzitat blogYellow Lily in a golden cup via Stilzitat blog Black peonies via Stilzitat blog Iris Bouquet for Stilzitat studioCherry blossoms via Stilzitat blog White flowers via Stilzitat blog Hortensie via Stilzitat blog Car full of flowers via Stilzitat blog Red poppies via Stilzitat blog wild flowers via Stilzitat blog Black dead flowers via Stilzitat blog Hortensie via Stilzitat blogCollage of botanical prints  nd the real flowers of the Alps via Stilzitat blog Christmas wreath made of white christmas baubles and dried artichoke food photography via StilzitatParrot tulips dark and moody via Stilzitat blogSummer flowers wreath via Stilzitat blog


2 thoughts on “FLOWERS

  1. Hi
    I’m so excited to tell you about a book called: Inspire- the art of living with nature by Willow Crossley on Anthropologie. You have a wonderful gift for ways with flowers I think you will really like this book. As soon as I saw it I thought of you! There is a beautiful garland made with hydrangeas and much more. Maybe you already have this book I don’t know. It would make me so happy to gift it especially to you if I knew how!
    Love and wishes x

    • Rasheda, so sweet of you! I looked at the book and it is not published yet, is it? It looks great and I am more than happy to have a fan in you! Your blog love really means the world to me! Thank you so much, dear! XO, A.

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