all of you know that I am a huge wreath maker! So it seemed logical to start a personal wreath challenge. Over the past months & with great pleasure, I was showing my wreaths over on Instagram {#stilzitatwreath}.
It remained a personal challenge and I never thought of it as a challenge for others, even though people started to participate. To me it was something personal because on one hand a wreath has the perfect form and like my friend Jocelyn said: ‘…it is a constant return to the beginning’. On the other hand I really love to work with seasonal elements as I adore to watch the seasons change! It goes even further: sometimes I make it a task to use only things that I have at home: the pieces are available immediately, it is a little bit more challenging but the wreath becomes environmentally sustainable, so this is a double YAY! Once I turned to popcorn to make a Christmas wreath for a table centerpiece & but never imagined that people would want to participate in my little wreath adventures.

So it was not until my friend Berit from marmeladekisses asked me if she could join in a monthly challenge and it certainly made ‘click’! I admire Berit for her photography skills and she is such a doll with a great personality! So here we are, expanding our personals horizons and starting a new challenge:

wreath of the month march #wreathofthemonth

#wreathofthemonth will be our official hashtag on Instagram!
We will post our wreaths on the last day of every month and every one who would like to participate can join us! We will be showing our winner and 4 favorites and publish them on our blogs.

Here goes my wreath for the first challenge: get inspired and wreath yourself away…
wreath of the month #wreathofthmonth march

Everyone can participate and we would love to see you use every material possible : be it flowers&plants, drawings&paintings, branches& sticks, hung on a door or laid out on a table…. There is only one rule: the image has to be new and be linked back to stilzitat or marmeladekisses. Don’t forget to use #wreathofthemonth, so we can find you…

wreath of the month march #wreathofthemonth

Wreath yourself away and get creative!



5 thoughts on “WREATH OF THE MONTH {MARCH}

  1. Dearest Anastasia you continue to amaze me with your amazing talents! I just love your beautiful creations. I see you as ‘the queen of wreaths!’ I’d like to congratulate you with this fantastic challenge and wish you lots of success. Lots of love and wishes xx

    • Dearest, thank you so so much for all your love! You will see, tomorrow we will upload a new wreath & a few days after this we will show all of our favorites. I would love for you to join! Have a great rest of the week and thank you so so much for your support! I really appreciate it! ❤ AXO

  2. This looks like a great idea. One thing though, I have no idea how to make them but I’ve wanted to. Maybe you should do some tutorials for us? M xx

    • Thank you, Mel! I would love for you to join! To me it comes natural so this might be the reason why I never really show the process. I would love for you to join and tomorrow I will upload a simple DIY – together with my new wreath. But because of your words there will be many more to come, as there are so so many ways to make wreaths ❤


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