Hey, this is the first summary of our monthly Instagram challenge #wreathofthemonth

Sharing those winning images is very special to me because this challenge has already a very special place in my heart!

Without having told a lot of people about our new adventure Berit & I started this challenge because we were very passionate about wreaths. I could not have been happier: so many beautiful photos were turned in! THANK YOU!
So each month Berit and I will chose our winner and 4 favorites and share it with you {also, I can’t wait to see Berit’s favorites…}
So this is my winning image for April:
wreath of the month private_lawn4
Doesn’t this image by PRIVATE_LAWN4 look breathtaking? I really love it because here you can see what an impact a wreath can have on interior decoration! It looks, like it belongs there – for like ever! It looks natural and yet so festive. What a great way to live with wreaths!
wreath of the month #wreathofthemonth
These other wreaths are really spacial to my heart, too!
The first one shows a wreath by my beautiful friend jocelynhefner. You might think I am biased here but she really surprised me with her first attempt to make a wreath – it is simply a stunner! Can you smell the citrus fruits? She said, I got her hooked and is there a more beautiful thing to hear?
The second one shows a simple & wild wreath by juliatrlr. Without seeing her picture I had a very similar wreath on my mind. I collected those white blossoming branches too but before I had time to form a wreath, they wilted. So this image is a beautiful reminder of how pretty a simple wreath can be.
The third one is just too cute not to share! Ok, maybe it’s passion_shake, who is even cuter, but how can you forget this dancing flower girl…
And finally, the last one by the sweet visnja_k from Cali! Without knowing this, she took a picture of my all time favorite wreaths {OK, OK, and the door, too}! I was obsessed by the beauty of this wreath from the moment I saw it on Pinterest! I even made a citrus wreath myself! And this brilliant lady just snapped this picture on her daily route thinking about me! What a beautiful world we live in!

I hope you have enjoyed the first round – I certainly did – and am so looking forward to new beautiful wreaths.

Have a great weekend, A. XO


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