its the time of the month again, where Berit from Marmelade Kisses and I are showing you our wreaths of the month. It was in March, when we started out our challenge – for all of you to join & enjoy – #wreathofthemonth

Every last day of the month we will show you the wreaths we made and a few days later we will announce 4 favorites and one winner!

But before we will announce the winners, its time for a little tutorial – as I got asked many times how to make a wreath.
This time I decided on a very easy one: all you need is a wreath out of foam rubber, pins & flowers of your choice.
cherry and apple blossom for a wreath
My philosophy stays the same, month after month: I do love to use seasonal plants or the things that I already have at home. I used cherry & apple blossoms, a dark leaf that just started to spring outside of our house and salmon colored rose petals that I have at home to make a potpourri.
rose petals apple blossom
I love using foam wreaths {as you can see, this one was already used quite a few times} because they are so easy to work with, and you can water the foam to keep the flowers fresh!
foam wreath
To make a foundation, I covered the foam with rose petals using pins:
rose petals on a wreath
rose petals on a wreath
After I was finished with the rose petals I started to adjust the bigger blossoms to the wreath – no needles were needed for this because the flowers had stronger stems and I could simply push it into the foam.
cherry blossom wreath
Little by little the wreath started to take form…cherry blossom wreath
cherry blossom wreath
By adding a few darker leaves the wreath got a little more dramatic & the contrast shows the variety of spring very well. Don’t you just love how the colors correspond?
cherry blossom wreath
I can’t wait to see more of your works – remember – you can use any material possible! Maybe I’ll surprise you with something other than flowers next month…
Like we already mentioned, today we will show our wreaths of the month, on Instagram you can find it very easy under #wreathofthemonth. If you don’t want to share on IG, you can easily let me a link to your blogpost under this post.
Enjoy and wreath yourself away!


8 thoughts on “WREATH OF THE MONTH {APRIL}

  1. As always, you make everything look beautiful and simple. Thank you for sharing your passion with us. It is an honor to know you. Jocelyn xx

    • Oh, thank you so much, dearest Jocelyn! I am so glad our roads have crossed! You inspire me in so many ways and I really cherish our friendship and can’t wait for new adventures to come… Sending lots of love :-* A.

    • Thank you so much, Mel!
      With you on my mind I will be making new tutorials to show all the different ways I am working my wreaths. I would love to have you on board one day… Fingers crossed 😉
      A. XO

    • Liebe Kathleen,
      vielen Dank für die tolle Unterstützung! Ich kenne das aber auch, man bewegst sich meist auf den gewohnten Internetseiten und obwohl alles andere nur einen Klick weg ist, bleibt man seinen Gewohnheiten treu 😉 Hab einen schönen Sonntag! A.

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