Dear wreath lovers,

you might have read, that I am a wreath-a-holic in my last post?
I make wreaths a lot! Most of the time I gather my materials in the woods & I bring them home from my walks. Sometimes I even plant a special plant in my garden, just to use it for a styling.

By the end of this past year life got really busy so I missed to share my winter wreath with you. Which is too bad, as this one is one of my favorites so far. You may wonder why: not because of the looks, but because of the fact that I didn’t buy a single thing for this wreath!
stilzitat winter wreath

I love to use things I already have at home for my stylings {I have had this cotton plant for almost 2 years} and I also love to use seasonal treasures I bring home {these branches with yellow moss caught my eye immediately}.

stilzitat winter wreath

I will continue my personal challenge here and on Instagram under #stilzitatwreath. AND: there is going to be a SURPRISE the next time I post a wreath. So stay tuned…



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