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my dear friend Jocelyn tagged me to share 40 facts about me on Instagram. So here we go!

1. I was born in the Ukraine.
2. I speak Russian, German, English and a little Ukrainian. Very little Ukrainian.
3. Stilzitat is the german name of my vintage store and can be translated to ‘quote of style’.
4. My mom called me after the russian novella ‘Aся’ (Turgenev) – this is the short form of Anastasia.
5. I started reading this novella several times but never finished it.
6. I used to read a lot ( and I mean A LOT!) but never got into russian or french (except Houellebecq) literature.
7. My favorite books are: The Picture of Dorian Gray (O. Wilde), What I Loved (S. Hustvedt), The Corrections (J. Franzen), The Human Stain (P. Roth)
8. I used to dance ballet for 10 yrs.
9. I had piano lessons for 7 yrs.
10. This russian kid went all the way: not only ballet & piano – I also visited an art school.
11. I really hated my piano lessons!
12. I really miss art school and started painting and drawing again!
13. I got my first DSLR when I was 15.
14. I studied art history and photography was not my favorite subject.
15. ‘Demon seated in the garden’ by M. Vrubel was THE reason I studied art history.
16. Sometimes I am speechless when looking at art. Even as an art historian. Period!
17. I get lost in paintings and can sit in front of them for hours (I really DO sit in front of them for hours!)
18. I used to be obsessed with ‘The Dying Slave’ by Michelangelo.
19. Therefore I have been a regular to The Louvre.
20. Now I avoid going to The Louvre, I would end up lost for days and days…
21. Paris is my favorite city!
22. I can’t listen to good music when I have to work.
23. To me the Chanel sign is the perfect trade mark.
24. I would love to see the aurora borealis!
25. I don’t wear jeans.
26. You either see me wearing dresses or leather shorts.
27. I am terribly short.
28. But: I don’t like to wear high heels.
29. One of my biggest wishes is to travel more.
30. I am a wreath-a-holic.
31. My love affair with flowers started when I quit smoking and treated myself with fresh flowers every week.
32. I love the smell of bergamot.
33. My favorite time of the year is fall.
34. I wish I could be the mommy of 10 persian cats and 10 pugs. Lucky me, I am the mommy of the best persian cat in the world!
35. I don’t like bananas.
36. I do believe that you can change bad habits if you work hard enough.
37. I really love to go shopping on my own. Stressing: my own, IF I go shopping.
38. I told my man about this hashtag series & asked him to name a few facts. He just came up with: you are altruistic. AW!
39. I was raised not knowing what envy & greed are and find it difficult to understand and forgive people who are envious. Working on it…
40. Flexibility is my best and my worst trait.

I could go on and on, but this is it for now. It has been fun reading the others share their 40 facts & I think this is an interesting way to connect.

( you can find more on Instagram under the #share40factsaboutYOU )

I hope you enjoyed reading & please join, if you wish…



17 thoughts on “40 FACTS ABOUT ME

  1. I loved reading this Anastasia. Yes many commonalities – dancing, smoking, short, don’t like heals! It’s so beautiful that you can sit and look at art for hours. I imagine that you are altruistic. This really is so much fun! Mel x

    • Thank you, Mel, I really enjoyed reading yours too! It brings us closer together, even though you live on the other side of the world! To me you’ll always be tall 😉 A. XO

  2. I loved reading this post about you. What a talented lady you are!
    And we share a real passion for art. I would love to wonder around the halls of the Louvre with you one day!
    Georgie x

    • Thank you so much, Georgie! I am not sure if this is going to be fun to watch me sit in front of Michelangelo’s Slave , don’t know if this addiction disappeared 😉 Can’t wait to read your facts… Have an amazing day! A. XO

  3. I love your facts, Anastasia. It is amazing what happens when we open up and share fun and interesting facts about ourselves. As I read your list I can almost imagine you as a child with your free spirit and loving heart. Thank you for taking part in this little project. I am sincerely grateful to call you a friend. Jocelyn xx

    • Dear Jocelyn, it was a great experience to sit down and think about the 40 facts. It was so much fun and it feels like this was only the beginning & a summary starting in the childhood… I am so glad we met in Copenhagen and even though it was only for a few days, I love exchanging the bits and pieces of our lives with you! Thank you for being who you are! Cheers to our next adventures! A. XO

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  7. I can’t really explain but your whole site has such a comforting atmosphere, I admire it completely. Reading your 40 facts was very visual for me, I am looking forward to meet you at Hive. And beautiful picture. Absolutely beautiful.

  8. So nice to learn more about you, I can relate to many of your facts 🙂 I still hope to share mine at some point (kind of procrastinating :P). Really looking forward to meeting you there! xo

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