Finally: it’s THE TIME of the year and I am continuing my Christmas decoration without a Christmas tree. I have been doing this for years now, from my point of view there is so much you can do to make your home festive, without having to buy a tree… This year one of my all time favorite companies – House Doctor – asked me get into the Christmas mood and style with their products. In the past weeks I renovated my studio and with a new found acrylic table & my new black background I had such a great time getting into a festive mood:Christmas decoration House Doctor Christmas decoration House DoctorChristmas decoration House DoctorChristmas decoration House DoctorChristmas decoration House Doctor I went to get all kinds of branches, sticks & moss from the garden and the woods. I love to use the things I usually have for my daily decoration and put them in another, festive context. Here the flower pots work as a candle holder and the wire christmas bulbs go on a naked stick. Don’t you just love how the industrial metal flower pot transforms into an elegant container for an olive christmas tree? I hope you are inspired by my decoration for this Christmas. If you are wondering how my Christmas stylings looked in the past, you can find it here, here, here, here and here.



  1. Oh wow! Anastasia!
    What wonderful, alternative festive decor. Makes a change from the typical traditional decorations. I love all the creativity. It’s all so simple yet classically elegant. Very impressive. You’re full of fantastic and inspirational ideas. Well done to you.
    Thanks for sharing x

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