I love the new white floor in my new studio and have been dreaming of a black tutu table dress ever since I saw an image of Anna Spiro’s black table skirt. I work with so many colors and objects everyday that I wanted to have only one statement piece in my studio, the rest of the room is quite bright. Stilzitat home office black table skirtI just added a few color sprinkles here and there, like these cacti or some vintage bugs and butterflies.Cacti detail from Stilzitat studio via Stilzitat blogParis and butterflies details via Stilzitat blog If you like what you see and would love to know, how I managed to finally make myself a table skirt, here is the instruction for the DIY: I used black yarn, a needle, scissors and black tulle. I got a little over 20 meters of black tulle and put 2 layers over the table:

Table tulle skirt DIY via Stilzitat blog After I covered the whole table with two layers of tulle, I started cutting smaller pieces of tulle, these I sew to the sides and the front of the table. By riffling the tulle I added a little more volume to the layers. Even though I had lots of tulle, it was still see through, after I was finished, so I had to add black fabric under the tulle skirt and voilà – I was ready to dress my new studio with a brand new table skirt! What do you do to dress up your home office or studio?Table tulle skirt DIY via Stilzitat blog


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