I have to confess: I am a very bad driver, as soon, as summer arrives! I can’t concentrate on the street if flowers are along the way {or cute pugs, but that’s another story…}. I live in a very green suburb and I am head over heels for flowery meadows. I can’t get enough of all the colorful flowers that show up everywhere! I ALWAYS have a cutter and gloves in my car, just in case an unexpected beauty comes my way! Now look, what I found along the road yesterday:SUMMER BOUQUET via Stilzitat blogI found these natural beauties right after my weekly trip to the farmer’s market. It is my favorite weekly routine to go to the market and buy fresh flowers {I will show you some dahlias later on} but these huge flowers, that I spotted on my way home just knocked my socks off! Isn’t this the most beautiful joy of summer? Fresh and easy flower arrangements? To me it is pure bliss! Right now I can’t think of a better way to display the wild flowers: this large, unpretentious flower tin pot. I have a thing for large tin pots, as my balcony is full of them. If you don’t have a large tin pot, just take a large vase, but make sure, that the stems have enough space to get all the water they need. Summer flowersSummer flowersSummer flowers via Stilzitat blogHere I have to speak from experience: fresh cut field flowers can be very difficult to handle! If you found the most amazing beauties along your way, make sure you only cut them, if there will be a possibility to put them into water real quick! They are very delicate and need a large sip of water pretty quick after they were cut.
As beautiful as summer is, you might be aware of the fact, that your flowers don’t last that long, as soon, as they are in your home… To me it has always been a HUGE conflict: how is it possible, that summer gives you the greatest variety of flowers and it seems impossible to preserve this beauty at home? Well, I love to have fresh flowers in my home, so these are the things I do to keep my flowers fresh:
-remove all the unnecessary leaves and stems
to me this seems to be the most important tip! {I do it every single time, no matter what flowers and what time of the year}!
-find a cool space in your apartment
{if you are having a summery celebration and have to get the flowers ahead of the party, make sure to store the flowers in a dark and cold place!}. Your flowers might look cute on a sunny windowsill, but this is a good way to kill them in 3 days…
-change water daily
most of the summer flowers are thirsty little fellas and I found it helpful to change the water every day.
-add sugar to water sugar helps provide the flowers with all the nutrients, it can be mixed with vinegar, vodka and bleach
-vinegar, vodka and bleach yes, that’s right, they all help to minimize the growth of bacteria in the water. You can use 1-2 tablespoons of the vinegar for a vase, but only a few drops of the bleach or the vodka.
-copper penny sometimes I add a copper penny to the water, do you do this too? Or do you have further tips and tricks to keep your flowers fresh? I would love to hear your advice – I bet there is so much more you can do to keep flowers fresh!



    • Thank you, TJ! The pennys seem to have the same effect like the bleach or the vinegar – once in the water, it prevents the growth of bacteria. I have a vintage shop and sell lots of vintage vases. In most of them there is small little round stain, it seems to be a very old trick, as some vases are from the 1940ties or older….
      Have a great weekend!

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