My blog posts have been very rare these past months. Redecorating a whole apartment is hard, hard work. Especially, if you have to do it by yourself and next to the normal work schedule. But I would have never expected it to be this energy- and time-consuming! The apartment we live in has been finished for a while now, but there were other things that needed to be done {like redecorating and moving my whole studio}. You know, I love me some artsy work on a daily basis 😉 but more than this, I am a perfectionist, who needs a tidy and uncluttered environment to work in. Not having a studio was daunting and I missed working creatively on a daily basis. Instead of posting half-hearted posts, I decided to get all the work done, and start fresh!

I am back to blogging with a new blogging challenge I created as a promise to myself: WREATHS on a monthly basis! In the beginning of every month I will be posting a new wreath. Blogging challenges really get me going! If I have a deadline, my creative instincts seem to go through a reincarnation and this is exactly, what I need after such a long pause of blogging!
Looking at great flower/plant/nature photography, I always find myself being attracted to wreaths. I can never get enough of wreaths, to me a round shaped arrangement is the epitome of perfection. So, instead of admiring the work of others, why not start a very own challenge? Here we go with the very first wreath, it is a fresh, summerly arrangement.
summerwreathWith almost all the work done around my house, I found the time to go out in the fields and collect some beautiful flowers. The beauties you see on this picture have all been collected in the fields, no flowershopping needed! Do the same thing: go out in the nature, and get your own flowers for a beautiful wreath!
summer flowers via Stilzitat blogSummer wreath DIY via Stilzitat blog These last pictures show you how easy it is to make a wreath. Make sure you collect flowers with long stems if you have no additives but wire… Connect stem by stem, until they are long enough to be combined to form a wreath. Et voilà!



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