Bedroom reconstruction via Stilzitat blogWe’ve moved! Now, {a short while after the move} I can finally say, that there is still lots of work to do, but this work is reduced to just a few finishing touches, like: what art to hang and where to hang it? What color goes on the walls and do I want a blush-colored wooden bench in the living room? I really welcome all of these decisions because all is better than the reconstruction area we had for the past 3 months!

Who would have thought, that I had to put my life on hold – just to move places? For almost 3 months! Well, I certainly didn’t!  Here I need to mention: we didn’t know, that the apartment we wanted to move in, was in such a bad shape. We wanted to move in by he end of February – turned out – we moved in by the end of April!  

You might wonder, why it took us so long? The answer is simple: all the construction work {including all the new plastering, new bathroom, kitchen, ceilings, electricity …} was done by ourselves – with the help of a few dear friends and family members. Most of the time we were working till late at night in the new apartment, next to a normal work schedule! Now, that most of the work is done, I want to show you where we stand now.

Step by step & room by room I will show you how it looked before and after. So let’s start with the bedroom!
Bedroom reconstruction via Stilzitat blog It all began with removing all of the mold from the walls. Unfortunately the person, who used to live here before us, didn’t ventilate the apartment in a proper way, so fungus was spread all over the apartment and we had to start from scratch. We had to remove most of the plastering from the walls, in some places even to the foundation wall. These few images give you just a small impression from where we had to start. After a million layers of plaster, the bedroom has now smooth, white walls.

The decoration is only at the beginning, but with this last image you, hopefully, get an impression that we can finally say: we’ve come a long way and feel very much at home now!
White bedroom via Stilzitat blog



  1. It starts looking really nice and I am so curious to see what you’ve done finally with your kitchen tiles! Must be feel good to have finally moved it and start with a normal rhythm again! And then there is this rewarding trip to Copenhagen:-) xx

    • Thank you! I bet, it will not stay that way, as I am someone, who is pretty curious & who redecorates pretty often. But now the basics are made for a proper new start… The tiles are gone and I haven’t decided what photos to chose instead of tiles… We’ll see… Speaking of a normal rhythm: I could get used to more rewarding trips in my normal schedule 😉 I can’t wait to see you again! :-*** A.

  2. Wow! Amazing! You have worked so hard but it’s definitely been worth it. What a brilliant transformation. I really like it! Can’t wait to see what else you have done in your apartment. Wishing you lots of love and happiness always x take care

    • Rasheda, thank you so much for your kind words! This is, what I really needed after I lost track of normality… I will show a few before and after photos of the kitchen soon, so stay tuned! There will be a little DIY on leather grips… Have a brilliant start to the week, take care, A.

  3. It looks like you have done so much already. How scary it is to deal with fungus in your new home! Glad that is gone. Good luck and can’t wait to see what you do with it.

    • Dear Hata, it was scary indeed! We wanted to sleep in a healthy environment, turns out: healthy environment takes a lot of work 😉 Now it looks like a normal apartment, you almost don’t recognize the work, that has been done… I will show more, I promise! Have a great week, XO, A.

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