Before you quit reading, thinking: ‘Duh! Concrete walls, yeah right! That’s waaaaay too difficult!’ STOP right here: working with concrete is EASY!
Those, following my Instagram, know that I have been redecorating lately. It took weeks to finish the bed- and living room and even though the rest is not ready yet, I wanted to share a few images of the new living room. My guest entertaining armada already moved in and setting the table made me so happy, because it actually looked exactly the way I imagined it. I can’t wait to have my friends over!
Concrete dining room via Stilzitat blogFrench tulips in Concrete dining room via Stilzitat blogThe exciting thing about the living room are the new walls!
They have that concrete look I was longing for. Now listen to this: exactly every single person {who has entered the living room so far} asks: ‘Are you gonna leave it this way?’ ‘Yeah! I am!’
But – what does it tell me?
I know, I am not alone with my love for concrete, so this is why I have this little DIY for you.
It all started when I saw the original walls in the living room. They had this rough plaster, which I didn’t like at all… So I thought about all the different varieties and decided to go for concrete walls. The good thing was, that this rough plaster didn’t need a special preparation and I could apply the concrete mixture directly to the walls. If you want to have concrete walls, make sure you apply it the right way. If you have a very smooth surface, make sure you apply a contact liquid to make it stay on the walls. If you have to work in multiple layers, add a special mesh in between the layers. You should know the nature of the wall you are applying the concrete to, but these questions are easily answered and if you know how to treat your wall before you apply the concrete, you can get going…
DIY: concrete walls via Stilzitat bl
What you need:

  • 1 large bucket
  • sanding surfacer
  • putty
  • oxygen mask
  • water
  • gloves
  • large stick or machine to mix the concrete with water
  • concrete mix

Concrete is very heavy. If you have something big to work on, get help! Be sure to wear an oxygen mask and gloves when mixing the concrete with water. You don’t want to breathe it all in and also wear gloves as it ruins your skin!
DIY: concrete walls via Stilzitat blogWell, with all of this preparation you will be ready to get started: mix the concrete in a large bucket, slowly applying the water. You will get a feeling for the texture pretty soon. I put small amounts of concrete on the sanding surfacer and started at the very bottom of the wall {30°angle} by applying the concrete to the wall by working from the bottom to the top. {Make sure the layers are not too thick because it will crack, if you apply too much concrete.} Also, don’t be too worried about irregularities because you can smooth them all out if the concrete is still wet. I worked in alleys and did the polishing in the end, when one alley was done. Also, one thing I find very important: if you don’t want to have intersections in colors or structures, finish a complete wall because you will always notice a change once you apply wet concrete to an already dried concrete wall {you’ll notice the change even if the wall has dried completely}. In this last image you can see the difference between an already dried and a wet wall.
DIY: concrete walls via Stilzitat blogLet it dry for a couple of days, some parts took 2 weeks to completely dry and if you wish, you can finish with sand paper if you see some irregularities.
After a few weeks it’ll get the amazing light grey color. I really love this color of the walls because it seems,  they make every other color in this room shine even more!
What a pretty background for the french tulips!

{I didn’t post the products I worked with on purpose, because every hardware store has it’s own concrete mix and for my german friends, who can actually get the products I got: feel free to ask, if you have questions…}


10 thoughts on “DIY: CONCRETE WALLS

  1. I love the effect you have created for your walls! I wish I was brave enough to carry out this fab project! I think it looks amazing.
    I just love your first picture, what a stunning backdrop for your flowers and fineries! Well done, you should be proud.
    I’m adoring it to bits! I’m so happy for you.
    Love and wishes x

    • Oh, what nice things to say, THANK YOU Rasheda! Just go ahead and try working with little things and concrete. Maybe you will get enough courage to built a wall then…Have a good week, XO A.

  2. Hi Dear,
    love the look and the colour! You did a amazing job. I created my walls with stucco veneciano and always love to look at them because they chance the colours and play with the light.
    You do have a very nice corner in the www.
    All the best from Austria

  3. Wow your concrete walls look incredible!
    We want to try that for one of our living room walls. As we are also based in germany, it would be very nice if you could let us know which products you used.

    All the best


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