Urban Jungle Bloggers February edition - via Stilzitat blogI L O V E participating in styling challenges! But this urbanjunglebloggers styling challenge was very special to me because I am at a very challenging point of my life right now. I started renovating my new apartment and the simple redecoration turned into a dusty and dirty reconstruction area. This has absorbed me for weeks and I started missing styling plants on a regular basis. So this challenge {the charming Igor and sporty Judith have started a couple months ago} came in just handy to take me out of my reconstruction area and put me into the blogger spheres again – and I L O V E ed it!

My plant of choice was the ‘muehlenbeckia complexa’ – you may wonder why? I saved three little plants from the supermarket, they were nearly dead, when I got them. I replanted them and in a few weeks they grew twice their original size and I figured, they loved living on my window sill. I watched them get bigger and bigger, and my love and appreciation for their wild looks began to get bigger and bigger….

This first styling took place in my old studio, where I have been working on a few concrete projects, like this concrete table and some concrete flower pots I will show you later on in spring…
Urban Jungle Bloggers February edition - via Stilzitat blogThe second styling was in my new apartment, this is also the reason, why you see unfinished walls and floors… But having put all of the plants there, I actually loved the building yard atmosphere – what about you?
Urban Jungle Bloggers February edition - via Stilzitat blogThis last styling took place in the evening sun of my new bedroom. I told you before, that my love for this inconsiderable plant has grown, so I am trying to root those little cuties! For me, it doesn’t have to take place in a hidden spot. Just put them in the spotlight by placing them on a table in test-tubes and your centerpiece for a simple dinner will be ready!
Urban Jungle Bloggers February edition - via Stilzitat blogWhat about you and your urban jungle? Would you love to share it, too?



  1. Wow Anastasia!! First of all I love your stylings. Secondly: I have serious cacti envy!! What a fabulous huge cactus you have!! Thank you so much for joining our Urban Jungle Bloggers fun!

    • Thank you so much, dear Igor! I can’t wait for next month! …Oh, and I have a serious Paris envy when browsing your blog… :-* Last year I didn’t make it to Paris, hopefully I will travel there in 2014!

  2. Triple wow, Anastasia! I love the diversity of your plants, they are all true beauties! And very cool that you’re rooting the plant, it looks fabulous in the Erlenmeyer and test tubes! Oh and let us know when you’ll be in Paris, we should organize a little meetup with Igor 😉 xx

    • Oh, thank you, dear! You guys did such an amazing job, I can’t wait for the next challenges… I sure will let you know when I go to Paris. I used to travel to Paris very often, I am heartbroken I didn’t make it last year… Hope to talk to you soon, even better in person 🙂 Have an amazing sunday, XO Anastasia

  3. I just love it all! I think your apartment looks good even if it is in a raw state right now. The plant is a little beauty I must say, I’m heading out to my local garden centre tomorrow in search of it! The little concrete flower pots look pretty cute too. Thank you for sharing x

    • Oh, thank you so much! It won’t take long and I can share the finished bedroom… I hope you will like it too 🙂 Tell me, if you have found the plant, I’d love to see how you would style it…Have a good Sunday, XO A.

    • Heheh, I didn’t know the name either, like I said, they have been neglected in the supermarket. It didn’t take long until I started seeing them all over the flower shops:-) I heard the like it sunny and drink looots of water {compared to my succis and cacti}. I am a little worried about the next vacation, I guess I will need a plant-sitter 😉 Have an amazing start to the next week, Julia ❤

  4. Sehr hübsch ist das!
    Und mir gefallen die Wände so wie sie sind.
    Mit Beton habe ich ja auch gerade experimentiert….ein Tisch steht noch auf meiner to-do-Liste….fehlt nur noch das passende Untergestell.

    • Oh, wie schön das zu hören! Die Wände wurden nun doch verändert, aber wenn Du grad gern mit Beton arbeitest, dann wird dir das auch gefallen, denn ein paar Wände sind nun im Betonkleid ♥

  5. I just LOVE your styling! The combination of the plants and your beautiful graphics is brilliant! So simple and so dramatic! And concrete planting pots are always a good idea, I can’t stop making some!
    greetings lilli

    • Lilli, thank you so much! I made those graphics 15yrs ago but still love to have them around… I love mixing art with raw and unfinished materials… It’s all in the mix!

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