Dried feather wreath via Stilzitat blog
These past weeks I have been redecorating our new apartment – but in a blink of an eye the new apartment turned into a big reconstruction area. A glorious mess! Weeks flew by and I started missing styling – of course I am working creative on/in the new apartment and I know what it is all for, but still: I was missing working on little special arrangements. Of course it would be so out of place to get fresh flowers and plants into the reconstruction area {though a plant or two have made it into the new apartment already}, but I still wanted to have a reminder of the flowery beauty I usually see on a daily basis. So I made a little wreath, that could last forever and hung it on one of the raw walls… Now I have a little dry gem on the ‘soon to be perfect walls’ and the redecorating got easier.

What you need:

-birch branches

-all kinds of dried flowers and twings {I used eucalyptus, cotton twigs, feathers and willow}

-flower wire

Get creative with all the dried tiwngs and branches you have at home, this dried wreath is then made forever!



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