This year starts with an amazing DIY! A big table made of concrete! YAY!
DIY: Concrete table via Stilzitat blogMany of you have been wondering what I have been up to. No new years resolutions on the blog, no new flower images. The reason is as simple as substantial. I will be moving real soon and have been preparing for it. I am upcycling old furniture, agonize about new furniture… and tiles… and colors… And am making new furniture…
Before Christmas I discovered a concrete table in one of my favorite flower stores but it was waaaay too expensive. Walking home I had this idea about making my own concrete table. I had an antique stool, I had a large tray. All I had to get was concrete and get going. So I did.
DIY: Concrete table via Stilzitat blogAt the time I had the idea to make this table, my cousin from the Ukraine was visiting and all the construction credit goes out to him – as he suggested to put strong metal wire in the wet concrete to support the little stool. Also he had the idea to insert a large plastic band to make the border look even. And it all worked. Because concrete is really, really heavy he helped me by pouring the wet concrete into the tray, put the stool in the middle of the wet concrete and I let it dry for almost 3 weeks. In the end all I had to do was to sand the surface a little and my table was ready. I love how it turned out, the raw industrial look is one of my favorites right now and with the right stool and tray you have your own little table in less than 3hrs. {be sure to let it dry real good before you turn it around}
DIY: Concrete table via Stilzitat blogA big thank you goes out to my big cousin and his brilliant DIY mind. Love you, T.!


19 thoughts on “DIY CONCRETE TABLE

    • Thank you so much, dear! I can’t wait either! I hope it will happen really soon, as we are not sure, when we can move in yet… Oh well, patience is not my strength, but it helps to prepare all the furniture. In the end it’ll be less work… Thank you so much for following along, have a great week!

    • Auch ich liebe Beton! Und habe mich endlich getraut, siehe da: es ist einfacher, als gedacht! Vielen Dank für das Kompliment, probiere es doch auch mal… Lieben Gruß! A.XO

    • Julia,
      vielen, vielen Dank, ich muss zugeben, dass ich auch sehr glücklich über das Ergebnis bin… Von überall heisst es: ich muss damit in Produktion gehen 😉 Habe eine schöne Woche, XO A.

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