Are you ready for a dark & moody styling after so many white & minimalistic Christmas decorations? Of course you are! Moody and dark Christmas wreath via Stilzitat blogWhat you need:
– birch branches {because they are so flexible and you don’t need any wire to bind it}
– any wire you can find {to fix the evergreen on the wood, I was out of green flower wire, so I used a simple silver wire}
– scissors
– flower glue
– fir cones
– any evergreen will do {I love to go for a walk in a forest nearby and gather anything that has fallen to the ground}
Stilzitat Christmas wreath DIY via Stilzitat blog Start by making the wreath first: the birch branches are so soft, all you really need to do is to bend them and to intertwine the branches. After having created your wreath, cut your evergreen to pieces and place them on the wreath. As the wreath is asymmetrical in the first place, the pieces don’t have to be the same size or don’t have to fit perfect. Start form the bottom and work yourself up, working with the wire to fix the evergreen to the wood. You can stop in the middle, like I did, and in the end add the cones to the wreath. I have added photos to show you how to connect the cones to the wreath, if you should have difficulties adjusting, just add a little glue and wait for 30 mins before hanging the wreath. Try to do this at home – not only will you be proud of your own work, but it will also spread and christmas-y scent that will get you into your very own Christmas mood.



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