Decorating with food might sound strange, but I really love this styling from last Christmas and would love to share the story behind it. Originally I made these images on request for the cutest restaurant {Kitchen Club} here in Dortmund. They were looking for a Christmas decoration and I was looking for a combination of food and Christmas styling. These three images were my interpretation of a winterly centerpiece. Though I love shopping and hunting for props, I am also a big fan of using props that I already have at home. All I had to get for this styling was the white pepper.
Christmas wreath made of white christmas baubles and dried artichoke food photography via StilzitatIn my imagination those three images are hung in a kitchen. They show an appetizer with an artichocke, a main dish with white pepper and a dessert with popcorn in a row. This centerpiece is made out of white baubles, a dried artichoke, snow spray & coconut flakes and lace.
Christmas wreath made of jewelry and dried pepper food photography via StilzitatThe biggest element of this centerpiece is a large glass jar I covered with snow spray and arranged antique jewelry, an old bauble and white pepper around it.
Christmas wreath made of a pink christmas bauble, popcorn and pink wire: food photography via StilzitatThe sweetest centerpiece is made out of popcorn, pink wire, dried moss and a single pretty pink bauble. Try to think outside the box and start your styling with the things you already have at home, you might end up with a gorgeous wreath out of dried flowers…



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