Today some of my collectibles are shown on Gudy’s most wonderful blog eclectic trends! She liked my pictures and I couldn’t be more happy! I am deeply grateful, thank you so much for having me, dear Gudy, your blog has been a BIG BIG inspiration for me!

I didn’t even realize that I was a collector, until I started to think about Gudy’s posts. Wait, I thought, I could fill a whole year of her collumns. I am a very emotional person, so all of my collections started impulsive: I started to collect these things just because I thought they were beautiful – and here I go: I have tons of porcelain {a serious passion I inherited from my mother}, I am a feathers girls and somehow managed to end up with lots of different feathers. All of a sudden I had tons of keys and old photographs, lots of butterflies and bugs. It sure helps me with my photography now as I don’t really need a prop rental. Like everything in life, collecting is a process. It needs time to develop and I am curious where it’ll lead me.

WHAT DO BLOGGERS COLLECT? Isn’t it just one of the most interesting questions you’ve ever heard? To me, it sounds very interesting! I am not just being curious and want to take a peek in their private life {ok, ok, maybe a little}. I think, it’s all about a state of mind – what do bloggers love? What are their soft spots? Why do they collect the things they collect? As a vintage shop owner and lover of antiques I have always been interested in the story behind the object… But – collecting isn’t just about material things! To me, life is all about collecting! It’s about collecting memories and experiences! So go out there and collect tons of inspiration – that’s what I’ll do now…

Russian plates collectibles of Stilzitat blog Old antique pictures and postcards via Stilzitat blog feathers via Stilzitat blog antique keys via Stilzitat blog Antique butterflies and bugs via Stilzitat blog



  1. Hi from a BYW classmate – I am really enjoying looking through your blog. This struck a cord as I collect all sorts of things but mainly jugs as I need lots of containers for arranging flowers! Great pictures – looking forward to seeing more.


    • Julie, I am glad to hear, that you’ve been enjoying browsing through the blog… Thank you! I looove Gudy’s series and you should check out her blog… She is a former BYW student too 🙂 She is amazing! hope to see you in class real soon….

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